About Us



Crazyartgrrl Jewelry is a small family run company currently located in Alden, NY.  Starting out 10 years ago, we've grown from a small, kitchen table endeavor, to a bustling business, stretching out among the Northeast US, with over 200 stores in our client list!  

     Along the way, many people have asked us, "how did you do it?" And the answer has always been simple.  "Give your customers the best product you can, something to love, and always, ALWAYS stand behind it, no...matter...what."  Many great companies follow this mantra, and have been in business for 100 years or more.  They know a little bit about what they're doing.  

    We went from kitchen table to small warehouse in a happenstance sort of way.  A decade ago we made all sorts of jewelry, but one night at dinner, our founder Kristine, happened to be wearing what would eventually be called an Embraceling bracelet.  A dinner guest noticed it and was taken aback at it's clever and beautiful design.  She didn't think anything special about it, but made a few more to sell at shows. Well, the 10 that she made the first show sold out almost immediately.  The 25 she made for the next show, the same thing.  Eventually she was up to 100 bracelets each show, and it wasn't enough.

   Then it was clear.  THIS was what people wanted.  Eschewing all other forms of jewelry (for the time being) Kristine began exclusively making Embraceling bracelets.  What was once a small facet of her line, had now become an obsession, one which allowed her to really develop a design that is well loved among her customers.   A few years later, she quit her day job, and, along with her fabulous family and great group of employees, Crazyartgrrl Jewelry is the #1 spot for memory wire bracelets.    

    We continue to strive, to make beautiful jewelry, to make it accessible to everyone.  Because, from the very beginning, we always thought, "Beauty belongs to everyone".  And so it continues...