Crazyartgrrl Jewelry LLC

Crazyartgrrl Jewelry originated from the desire to create accessible jewelry that everyone can afford. We hand make each bracelet in western NY state asa small family run business. Despite our size we have always believed that a good product, excellent service, and efficiency are not just reserved for big companies.

Started in 2006 by founder Kristine Lewis, Crazyartgrrl Jewelry has grown from a kitchen table, craft show operation, to a booming business that caters to everyone from the large wholesale client to small mom and pop boutiques, right down to the individual retail customer.Kristine enjoys sourcing new natural stones, unique crystals and limited run “special finds” to meet an ever-changing style landscape. But despite the desire to create new and exciting jewelry, we have always tried to keep things affordable, because every customer is important to us, as we’ve always said, “Beauty belongs to everyone”